The 20 Healthiest Condiments

Skip those sugary sauces and enjoy these healthy condiments instead.
David Zinczenko

“Ick,” my friend Penny said, glancing defeatedly at the grilled chicken breast and dressing-free salad she’d ordered. 

Penny was trying to slim down and had decided that removing every ounce of flavor from her favorite foods was the way to do it. 

“I know this is healthy for me, but it’s just so unappealing,” she lamented. “It feels like everything I would use to flavor my food is horrible for me and loaded with extra sugar and fat. Maybe these diets will just bore me into losing weight.” 

It was clear that Penny was in a serious food rut, and that her diet wasn’t going to last long if she kept forcing herself to suffer through flavorless meals.

“There are, without a doubt, a ton of seriously bad sauces out there, like the 40 Worst Condiments For Your Waistline, but that doesn’t mean every condiment is a landmine when it comes to your healthy lifestyle,” I said. 

“From heart-healthy oils to protein-packed versions of your favorite sauces, there are plenty of ways to make your foods tasty at the same time. Instead of making your meals a chore, you can liven them up and lose weight at the same time by making the 20 Healthiest Condiments part of your regular meal plan!”