20 Most Shockingly Sugary Breakfasts in America

Are these sugary breakfasts derailing your weight loss goals?
David Zinczenko

"I just can't seem to lose weight," my friend Cassie told me one morning over breakfast.

She was drinking a Frappuccino and eating a bowl of granola, rushing to get to work after pressing the snooze button three times

"Here's your problem," I said, "and your solution: Swap that frap for green tea, replace the granola with eggs and wake up 10 minutes earlier. Make simple changes like those during every meal and boom: You can lose up to 5 pounds this work week alone."

"That's a pound a day!” she said.


I’ve spent the past two decades researching and recommending simple swaps that lead to easy and effective weight loss, and my new book Zero Sugar Diet has more than 500 of them, centered around a simple and delicious 14-day plan to help flatten your belly and crush your sugar cravings. The results are real, by the way: many of the 700 test panelists lost up to a pound a day.

That’s because the book targets everyday foods that have hidden added sugars, like the ones in Cassie’s granola and frap. The American Heart Association recommends no more than 25 grams of added sugar a day for optimal health. Cassie’s drink had 65 grams alone. Her granola added 15 more. Chances are you’re also eating an entire day’s worth of sugar before you even make it to work.

Each of these 20 Shockingly Sugary Breakfasts—part of my Shockingly Sugary Series—have more sugar in one serving ALONE than you should have in a day. Learn which ones to avoid, and learn more about Zero Sugar Diet here to start losing weight and looking and feeling better than ever.