20 Unhealthiest Salads on the Planet

Find out if your favorite salad is loading your diet with sugar.
David Zinczenko, author, Zero Sugar Diet

“This salad is so good,” my pal Megan said to me the other day, over lunch at Chili’s. “I can’t believe it’s actually good for me, too. Maybe I’ve even earned dessert.”

“Megan,” I answered gently, “You’ve just had dessert—for lunch. That salad has nine doughnuts’ worth of sugar!”

My poor friend. She’d come in for a slimming Caribbean Salad but left feeling like a beached whale, and no wonder: she’d just eaten nearly three times the recommended amount of sugar for an entire day. That’s because her order was filled with six kinds of added sugars, which food manufactures sneak into almost everything we eat, from bread to cold cuts to yogurt, peanut butter, pizza and even “health” foods like salads.

That’s why I wrote Zero Sugar Diet. Until now, there’s been no way to tell how much added sugar you’re eating—or how to avoid it without sacrifice. But with the simple steps in Zero Sugar Diet, you’ll be able to eat all your favorite foods and strip away unnecessary sugars—losing weight at a rate of up to one pound per day. All it takes is 14 days to retrain your taste buds.

Start by avoiding the 20 salads on this list, and learn more about Zero Sugar Diet here to lose weight and look and feel better than ever