20 Reasons to Make Green Veggies a Daily Habit

Add these tasty veggies to your diet and get healthier and slimmer in no time!
Sarah Crow

If there’s one thing virtually every person, regardless of age, sex, or occupation, has been told by a well-meaning elder in their life, it’s to eat their veggies.

For most health-conscious adults, vegetables are a diet staple, but other than hearing our mother’s voice telling us that veggies will make us big and strong, and the exaggerated health benefits attributed to spinach by every child’s favorite cartoon sailor, there’s a lot of misinformation out there about just why vegetables are such an integral part of a healthy lifestyle.

However, when it comes to helping you lose weight, improving your overall health, and making you feel satisfied while cutting calories, fat, and sugar from your food, vegetables simply can’t be beat. 

Whether adopting a vegetarian diet is part of your New Year’s resolutions or you’re just trying to improve your heart health, start incorporating the 45 Proteins You Should Be Eating — But Aren’t into your meal plan and discover the 20 Reasons to Make Green Veggies a Daily Habit!