25 Celebrities Who Have Successfully Lost Belly Fat

These body transformations deserve their own awards ceremony!
Lauren Gray

Look to your nearest silver screen and you're likely to see a familiar sight: a parade of actresses with flawlessly slim and toned midriffs and actors with rippling abs. It's almost as if by earning your star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, you're also gifted the keys to looking eternally flawless and staying enviably in shape.


Behind the scenes, of course, it's a different story: one of personal trainers, home chefs, plastic surgery, and often some sinister diet secrets that no doctor or nutritionist would endorse in good conscience. Typically, these strategies come with the common, if not convincing, insistence that these celebs all eat just like us, and the weight simply doesn't stick. For even the most genetically blessed, this feels like a stretch.


That's why it can be so refreshing to see some celebrities work through significant weight fluctuation like Average Joes. We've rounded up a group of entertainers that have all, at some point, stepped outside of Hollywood's norms of the "perfect body," even if only for long enough to have a baby, and had to earn their new physiques the hard way. It's one of the few times we can say it and actually mean it: celebrities—at least these 25 celebrities who have successfully lost belly fat—they’re just like us! And for tips on how to begin your own weight loss journey, check out these 40 Ways To Jumpstart Your Metabolism!