25 Foods To Avoid When You Want To Burn Belly Fat

Getting rid of that spare tire can be as easy as counting to 25.
Lauren Gray

So, you’re ready to finally shed that extra belly weight, feel your best, and stop traffic with your slimmer look. But if your plan involves a “diet," it’s time to take a good, hard look at the diet’s track record. A six-year study of over 47,000 women showed that most participants that lost clinically significant amounts of weight from dieting—between five and ten percent of their body mass—gained all of it back by the end of the research period.


So, what should a would-be dieter do instead? It’s time to scrap the idea of a temporary diet, to do away with unsustainable extremes, and to commit permanently to a plan that’s going to whittle away your midsection for the long haul. Forget overly restrictive eating. This is about cutting out the most brazen offenders from your menu and replacing them with healthy, whole foods that ramp up the protein, fiber, complex carbohydrates, and good fats your metabolism needs to get your body in fighting shape.


Cutting these belly busters from your life can come with staggering results right out of the gate, making it easier to stick to your new plan. These are the 25 foods to avoid when you want to burn belly fat, and once they’re out of your life, you won’t look back. Wondering what to fill up on instead? Check out these 25 Foods That Help You Lose Belly Fat!