25 Healthy Breakfast Ideas

If breakfast wasn't your most important meal of the day before, it will be now!
Lauren Gray

At the groggy start of a day, it’s easy to rely on the same old breakfast routine, regardless of whether it’s the healthiest or most inspired choice. It can be a double challenge to find enticing options when you’re in the throes of a weight loss plan, and feeling like everything is off the menu.

The great news is that melting belly fat is not about practicing food abstinence, or eating the same “healthy” but unappetizing thing every day. It’s about combining nutrition-packed ingredients in a way that shocks your metabolism into action, and enjoying your meals enough that you don’t need to revert back to the comfort foods that make you look and feel like you’ve seen better days.

Don’t fall into the traps of pastries that give you energy right up until you crash, greasy breakfast sandwiches that pack in the carbs and saturated fats, or artificial protein bars that leave you starving once their sky-high sugar content wears off. Instead, we’ve got you covered with a list of creative breakfast ideas that run the gamut from a savory breakfast hash to oat flour waffles smothered in homemade berry compote. These 25 Healthy Breakfast Ideas will reinvigorate your mornings and turbocharge your weight loss! And, because all of your meals should be so healthy, enticing, and easy to make, here are 4 Zero Belly Dinners (In 10 Minutes Or Less)!