25 Ways to Make Meal Prep Easier

Cut down on your kitchen time and eat healthier starting today.
Sarah Crow

Bacon-infused cocktails. Desserts that come in balloons. Dry ice in your meal. While food fads — particularly the more outrageous ones — tend to be short-lived, there’s one trendy kitchen hack that looks like it’s here to stay: the art of meal prep. 

We can’t add extra hours to the day, but when it comes to using the time we do have more efficiently, meal prep can make a huge difference. From boards on Pinterest to the front cover of your favorite food magazine, strategizing to make sure your meals are as healthy, cost-effective, and convenient as possible is the hottest trend since kale started making its way into cookies. 

For those eager to cut down the amount of time they spend in the kitchen and make it easier to eat dishes that are both healthy and delicious at every meal, prepping can be a serious game-changer, although it can sometimes be a daunting process to start. Kick off your journey toward healthier living by making sure your kitchen is stocked with the 20 Foods You Should Always Keep in Your Pantry and prep like a pro with the 25 Ways to Make Meal Prep Easier!