25 Myths About Losing Belly Fat

Are these fat loss fictions stopping you from slimming down?
Lauren Gray

When it comes to losing belly fat, do you have all the facts? If your idea of a weight loss plan is running every day and going on a low-fat diet, chances are you could use an update. There’s a lot of misinformation out there, and it’s hard to unlearn a lifetime’s worth of seemingly sage advice. But it’s important that we do!


Any one of these myths could be sneakily sabotaging your progress and holding you back from achieving your best body. Whether the confusion was knowingly promoted by the 3.4 trillion dollar diet and fitness industry to sell you new diet plans or products, or simply the result of new research replacing the old, it’s time to put these 25 myths about losing belly fat to bed! And, speaking of misinformation, make sure you’re not taken in by these 25 Fad Diets That Claim To Fight Belly Fat.