25 Surprising Facts About Losing Belly Fat

Hold onto your hats! These fat loss facts may come as a bit of a shock.
Lauren Gray

The American preoccupation with weight and weight loss is so prevalent that many of us believe we’ve heard it all. As armchair fitness experts, we know about calorie counting, about the newest fad foods to eat or to skip, and about what types of exercise will have the most impact. But with new studies coming out regularly to replace outdated research, keeping up is harder than it seems!


How cold should your room while you sleep at night to help you lose belly fat? Does chewing gum help or hinder weight loss? What are the weirdest health benefits of losing your spare tire? Get the answers by discovering these 25 surprising facts about losing belly fat! And if you want to stay slim, no matter your age, check out these 25 Ways To Fight Belly Fat As You Age!