25 Yoga Poses That Can Help You Lose Belly Fat

A serious ab workout and relaxation all rolled into one? Yes, please!
Lauren Gray

Yoga may have a laid back reputation‒often written off in the fitness world as advanced stretching, or a “cool down” exercise‒but rest assured: the right yoga class can be transformative, inside and out. According to Harvard Health Publishing, you can expect to burn about two calories for every pound of body weight during a one-hour yoga workout while building lean muscle. However, that's only part of the story.


Beyond the many direct benefits that come with strengthening, toning, and elongating your muscles, yoga is unparalleled when it comes to relaxation. The serious relaxation yoga provides could mean it's the one workout plan that you finally stick to; its relaxation-inducing properties are also what makes it the best workout for breaking the stress-induced cortisol spell that keeps belly fat at its most stubborn.


If that’s not reason enough to try limbering up, do it for your diet. The original purpose of yoga was as a means of increasing mindfulness and self-awareness, and studies have shown that staying in the moment with attention to sensory experience and body awareness can have a profound effect on long-term diet changes and successful weight loss maintenance.


The only question? How to get started. If you’re new to yoga, worry not. These 25 yoga poses that can help you lose belly fat will help you firm up and shed those unwanted pounds around your waist, no matter your current fitness level. Looking for more ways to lower those cortisol levels? Try these 40 Ways To Reduce Stress And Slim Down!