40 Drinks That Fight Fat and Improve Health

Sip your way slim with these delicious drinks.

One of the biggest struggles many of us face when embarking on a weight loss plan isn't just taking a more calculated approach when it comes to our eating habits, it's having to drink the same thing day in and day out. Many health and fitness plans give followers a fair amount of leeway when it comes to their food, whether that's in the form of a whole cheat day or a relaxed approach when it comes to sugar, but give them a beverage ultimatum: water or nothing.


For anyone who makes a regular habit of sipping a diet soda with their meal, enjoying a cocktail now and then, or cooling down with a glass of lemonade, the idea of trading it all in for glass after glass of water can seem like a punishment. Fortunately, there are still plenty of delicious teas, smoothies, and infused water recipes that pair perfectly with the Zero Belly Diet plan. Bottoms up!