40 Fattening Food Habits We Learn as Kids

Retrain your brain and lose weight by getting rid of these habits for good.
David Zinczenko

“Clean plate club!” my friend Tom exclaimed as he handed his plate to our waiter. He’d just polished off his grilled cheese and fries at our local greasy spoon and sighed as he pushed himself away from the table, holding his bulging belly.

Moments later, his smile turned to a wince. “Ugh, I can’t believe I ate that much!” he moaned. “My parents always used to make me finish every bite of my food, and now it’s like I can’t stop!”

Like many of us,  Tom was falling victim to habits that had been ingrained long before he could make his own decisions about what to eat or even reach the knobs on the stove. 

“I totally know what you mean,” I commiserated. “It’s so hard to break out of those patterns. It’s almost like they become muscle memory.”

Luckily, those early food quirks can be unlearned and don’t have to be passed onto the next generation. Start today by learning the 40 Ways to Teach Your Kids Healthy Eating Habits and retrain yourself by identifying — and ditching — the 40 Fattening Food Habits We Learn as Kids!