40 Habits of the World's Fittest People

If you've ever wondered how some of your pals stay slim with what seems like so little effort, they're probably following these tips.
David Zinczenko

"Should I get this suit altered before my wedding?" my friend Greg asked me only minutes after we'd stepped into the department store.

While the legs on his tux could have used a quick cuff, the suit otherwise looked like it was made for him, like virtually everything he's worn in our decade-long friendship. Greg is just one of those guys who seems to maintain a preposterous level of fitness without a slavish dedication to the gym.

Many years ago, I asked him what his secret was — hitting the genetic jackpot, perhaps? A diet of only water protein powder? A talented and discreet plastic surgeon? He laughed and told me that the answer was far simpler. "After gaining some weight in college, I read a few books on fitness and nutrition, found out what works for me, and stuck to it."

If you ask many people with similar levels of fitness, they'll be the first to admit that they're not always making multiple trips to the gym each day; they've simply found foods, exercises, and routines that work for them. Motivate yourself to transform your body with the 20 Ways to Make Working Out More Fun and read on to learn the 40 Habits of the World's Fittest People!