40 Non-Food Habits That Are Making You Fat

How does your daily routine stack up?
Lauren Gray

Anyone who thinks weight loss is as simple as “calories in, calories out” hasn’t considered the endless stream of choices that we make throughout each day that can influence whether we gain or lose weight. Of course it matters what you eat and how much, but almost as important are the often overlooked daily habits that make you more or less likely to meet your goals.


Do you commute to work by car, bus, or bike? Do you know what chemicals are in your water bottles? Do you get the right amount of sleep? What temperature is your bedroom at night? Your habits and routines have everything to do with your physique, and believe it or not, your answers to all of these questions could be the key to unlocking your maximum weight loss potential. It’s time to look beyond the kitchen and the gym for the secrets to success and discover these 40 non-food habits making you fat. And because knowledge is power, check out these 25 Common Questions About Belly Fat, Answered!