40 Ways Inflammation is Ruining Your Health

Your favorite foods could be making you tired, overweight, and unhappy.
David Zinczenko

“It seems pointless,” my friend, Gretchen, said to me over lunch. “No matter what I do, the baby weight just isn’t coming off, and it’s been three years!”

Gretchen had just gotten back from another doctor’s appointment, and yet again, her difficulty losing weight, her joint pain, and her overwhelming exhaustion had gone undiagnosed by medical professionals. Gretchen was stumped, too; her vices seemed to be limited to the occasional glass of wine, she hit the gym almost every day, and she had always done her best to make healthy eating a priority during her pregnancy and beyond. It seemed as though Gretchen had been dealt a bad hand when it came to her luck in the diet department, but I had a sneaking suspicion that, despite her lack of a diagnosis, there may have been something else at play.

I watched her mournfully pick at her salad, taking a bite of a crouton, when it came to me. “Do you find that you fee worse after eating certain foods?”

Her eyes widened. “Yeah, I’ve definitely noticed that pasta is basically a sleeping pill in pill form, and when I eat refined sugar, my joints feel so stiff I can hardly stand it.”

“It sounds like you may be having an inflammatory response to some of the foods you’re eating. If we can identify what you’re responding to and cut it from your diet, you’ll probably feel better in no time. Try adding some of the 40 Foods That Fight Inflammation to your diet and you might just see those symptoms start to subside.”

If you’re struggling with fatigue, weight gain, and muscle pain, or just don’t feel like yourself, start by upping your intake of antioxidant-rich fruits and veggies and discover the 40 Ways Inflammation is Ruining Your Health!