40 Ways Nuts Fight Fat

Find out how eating just a few nuts a day can help you lose weight and get healthier.
Sarah Crow

Have you ever considered what the perfect snack looks like? For many of us, visions of chips, cakes, or entire bricks of cheese continue to dance through our heads, even though we know better than to make them regular parts of our diet.

The science is clear: human beings crave fat. Some studies have even likened our desire for, and dependency on, fatty foods to drug addiction. So how do we go about including fat in our diet without sabotaging our health and weight loss goals at every turn?

For those who can eat them, nuts are amazing tools to improve your overall health, keeping you full while you lose weight, earning them a spot on our list of the 20 Healthiest High Fat Foods. To find out the numerous other ways nuts can improve your health, crack open the 40 Ways Nuts Fight Fat and Improve Health: