40 Workouts You Can Do Without a Gym

Get outside, get healthy, and burn some serious calories with these exciting workout ideas.
David Zinczenko

Just a few days ago, my plans to hit the gym hit the skids.

As I walked over to the gym from my house, I felt a sense of dread. Suddenly, the place I’d been looking forward to spending an hour or two felt like the last place I wanted to be. As I rounded the corner and the gym’s banner came into view, my chest tightened. I wanted to be anywhere else. 

While I stood there, I started to question why I was having such perplexing feelings about a place I usually loved going to blow off steam. Nothing had happened at the gym to sour me on the experience; I simply didn’t want to set foot inside. As the cool September breeze blew through my hair and I felt the sunshine on my face, I realized that was exactly it — I didn’t feel like being inside at all.

After a beautiful summer spending the bulk of my time outdoors, I wasn’t ready to pack things up and head inside for winter; I wanted to enjoy my favorite season to the fullest before snow and freezing temperatures made outdoor workouts an impossibility. I started to jog, enjoying the mild temperature as I hit mile after mile after mile. Soon enough, I realized that I’d completed a ten-mile run and it hadn’t felt like work — it just felt fun.

After reminding myself of the 20 Ways to Make Workout Out More Fun for some motivation, I decided to treat myself to a fall full of exciting outdoor exercise with the 40 Workouts You Can Do Without a Gym!