41 Reasons You're Gaining Weight

Find out why those numbers on the scale are moving in the wrong direction.
Sarah Crow

With the holiday season approaching, jeans are being tossed aside in favor of sweats as a deluge of high-fat, high-sodium, and sugar-laden treats begin to appear at parties and on dinner tables around the globe. While weight conscious individuals often start planning for holiday indulgences early, opting for lighter fare when they know seasonal treats are on their way, not everyone has such an easy time escaping the winter weight gain.

Unfortunately, those extra treats aren't the only reason we're packing on the pounds during the holiday season and beyond. Factors we don't always account for, like job-related stress, hormonal conditions, vitamin deficiencies, or even poor sleeping habits can all contribute to weight gain, giving us a major shock when we step on the scale. If you feel like you've gained more weight than you can attribute the hors d'oeuvres at your holiday gatherings, find out if These Forgetful Food Habits Are Making You Fat and discover the 41 Reasons You're Gaining Weight!