42 Foods That Fight High Blood Pressure

Lower your blood pressure, reduce your risk of stroke, and slim down with these tasty foods.
Sarah Crow

How often do you think about your blood pressure? If you only think about those numbers when your doctor rattles them off during your annual physical, you could be putting your health at serious risk. 

For most people, our blood pressure and our overall circulatory health aren't much of a consideration until our doctor informs us our blood pressure is too high, we're saddled with a diagnosis of hypertension, or, worse yet, we fall victim to a stroke. However, a few bad BP readings can quickly lead to a lifetime of health problems, increasing your risk of heart attack, stroke, and an early death. Think this doesn't apply to you? Think again. The number of people struggling with high blood pressure continues to climb by the minute; the CDC estimates that a third of Americans now have high blood pressure, and of those individuals, only half have it well-controlled. Unfortunately, this blood pressure crisis has a body count: more than 1,100 deaths can be attributed to high blood pressure-related conditions every single day.

So, what's the solution? It's time to fight back—and the best medicine is healthy food. Add these 42 foods that fight high blood pressure today and you'll slash your risk of chronic disease and an early death faster than you can say "120 over 80." And when you're ready to take control of your cardiovascular health, load up on these 42 Foods For a Healthier Heart