42 Foods That Trigger Gout

Live life free of pain and mobility issues by cutting these trigger foods from your diet.
Sarah Crow

It’s so easy to take our good health for granted when we have it. We don’t notice all the days we wake up feeling bright-eyed and bushy-tailed until we’re sidelined by the flu. We don’t appreciate the fresh air in our lungs until bronchitis has us gasping for breath. And for those of us suffering from mobility issues, standing in line at the grocery store, walking our dogs, or running to catch a train don’t seem like privileges until they’re robbed from us.

Unfortunately, gout is doing just that to millions of individuals around the world. The disease, once thought to be declining in prevalence, is on the rise, with diagnoses rapidly increasing over the past two decades. In the United States alone, an estimated 4 percent of the population is now suffering from this painful arthritic condition, in which uric acid crystals form in the joints, making even the most routine activities unbearably painful. In a single country, that’s 8.3 million people whose ability to maintain their independence, or do simple tasks without excruciating pain, is in question.

While those statistics may be startling, the solution is simple: for many all it takes is a mild dietary revamp to help relieve symptoms and get on the path to better health and increased mobility. Kick off your journey toward a pain-free future by making the 40 Foods That Fight Arthritis part of your regular meal plan and keep your gout flare-ups under control by nixing the 42 Foods That Trigger Gout!