43 Healthy Changes to Make Before Your Next Birthday

Get healthier than ever before your next birthday with these easy food and fitness resolutions.
David Zinczenko

Birthdays often rank among the most-hated milestones for many of us, reminding us we're another year older—and are often wearing the signs of our advancing age, too, from aches and pains to those extra pounds around our waistlines.

And while there's no turning back time, there is a way to ensure every birthday is better than the last, no matter how many candles you're blowing out on that cake. By making a few easy changes to your health and fitness plan—skipping a greasy snack here or adding a little extra exercise to your routine there—you can live a healthier, happier, and longer life. In fact, according to research conducted at the University of Edinburgh, every time your weight dips by a single BMI point, you can expect to live as much as seven months longer. Just follow these 43 healthy changes to make before your next birthday and you'll be counting down the days until the big day rolls around again. And if your healthy living goals seem like they're always just out of reach, check out the 50 Reasons Your Diet Isn't Working