5 Great Veggie Protein Powders

These vegan protein powders have all the amino acids you want, without the additives and bloating you don't.

When you walk into a health-food store, the protein-powder shelves may seem as insurmountable as The Wall on Game of Thrones. There’s beef, egg and whey on one end. On the other, there’s a garden’s worth of plants: pea, hemp, rice, blends. How do you pick?

First, skip the whey and casein. Milk-derived proteins can cause bloating and sabotage your flat-belly goals. What’s more, most commercial preparations are full of unpronounceable chemicals. Always opt for vegan protein. More and more studies are showing that plant protein is key to longevity, so we include vegan protein powder in all of our Zero Belly drinks. Here are five good options for making one of the 4 Ultimate Zero Belly Smoothies.