6 Best Fruits for a Flat Belly

These belly-fat-blasting fruits are the superstars of the produce stand.
David Zinczenko

More and more research has begun to show that some fruits are actually better at fighting belly fat than others. And the master fruits all have one thing in common: they’re red, or at least reddish. The next time you’re at the produce stand, look for these six fat-busting fruits and start losing belly fat on hyperspeed. And check out Zero Belly Diet now to start losing weight while eating the foods you love!

FLAT-BELLY FRUIT #1: Ruby Red Grapefruit
A study in the journal Metabolism found that eating half a grapefruit before meals may help reduce visceral fat and lower cholesterol levels. Participants in the six-week study who ate grapefruit with every meal saw their waists shrink by up to an inch. Researchers attribute the effects to a combination of phytochemicals (the more colorful the fruit, the more phytochemicals—which is why ruby red beats white) and vitamin C in the grapefruit.

FLAT-BELLY FRUIT #2: Tart Cherries
Cherries are a delicious, phytonutrient-rich snack. But the true cherry bomb is the tart cherry—not the sort you’re used to seeing each summer in bunches at the supermarket. Tart cherries are grown almost exclusively in Michigan, which means that in most of the country you’ll find them dried (Whole Foods sells them in bulk), frozen, or canned. But they’re worth seeking out because they are a true superpower fruit. A twelve-week study at the University of Michigan found that rats fed tart cherries showed a 9 percent belly fat reduction over rats fed a standard diet. Moreover, researchers noted that the cherries had a profound ability to alter the expression of fat genes. 

FLAT-BELLY FRUIT #3: Raspberries, Strawberries, Blueberries
They’re packed with polyphenols, powerful natural chemicals that can actually stop fat from forming. In a recent Texas Woman’s University study, researchers found that feeding mice three daily servings of berries decreased the formation of fat cells by up to 73 percent. Another study at the University of Michigan found that rats who had blueberry powder mixed into their meals had less abdominal fat at the end of ninety days than those on a berry-free diet. (“Hey, Dave, you said red berries!” Yeah, but squeeze a blueberry and what color does it stain your fingers? Red. I rest my case.) Blueberries are one of the best sources of resveratrol, the nutrient also found in red wine and red grapes, which have beneficial effects on the epigenetic mechanisms that trigger weight gain and fatty liver.

FLAT-BELLY FRUIT #4: Pink Lady Apples
Apples are one of the very best sources of fiber, which means you should eat them at every opportunity. A recent study at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center found that for every 10-gram increase in soluble fiber eaten per day, visceral fat was reduced by 3.7 percent over five years. And a study at the University of Western Australia found that the Pink Lady variety had the highest level of antioxidant flavonoids of any apple.

FLAT-BELLY FRUIT #5: Watermelon
Research at the University of Kentucky showed that eating watermelon may improve lipid profiles and lower fat accumulation. And a study of athletes at Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena in Spain found that watermelon juice helped to reduce muscle soreness.

FLAT-BELLY FRUIT #6: Plums, Peaches, and Nectarines
New studies by Texas AgriLife Research suggest that plums, peaches, and nectarines may help ward off metabolic syndrome—a fancy name for the combination of belly fat, high cholesterol, and insulin resistance. The belly-busting properties of stone fruits may come from powerful phenolic compounds that can modulate the expression of fat genes. (And these fruits also happen to have some of the lowest amounts of sugar of any fruit.)

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