6 Best Spices for Weight Loss

These flavorings add extra kick to your recipes — and serious health benefits too.
Quick quiz: What’s piperine?
  • • A nickname for Kate Middleton’s sister
  • • A compound found in the sweat of Gladys Knight’s backup singers
  • • A lip balm for professional flutists
  • • A belly-blasting superfood that comes from the humblest spice of all

New research has shown that piperine—which is released when the waiter from the fancy restaurant uses that giant pepper grinder—has some stunning magical powers. In studies, it has been shown to fight depression, inflammation and arthritis—and help you burn belly fat.

In fact, amazing new research shows that many herbs, spices, and flavorings do more than add some extra kick. Yellow mustard seeds have high levels of anti-cancer compounds called glucosinolates; cinnamon has been linked to improved insulin response; compounds in turmeric and horseradish have been shown to impact the behavior of your fat-storage genes.

Better still, recent research has shown that many of these herbs and flavorings actually target belly fat while helping to reduce bloating. Spice rack? That’s a fat-fighting utility belt! Here are the top six spices for weight loss, compliments of the new New York Times bestselling book Zero Belly Diet.