Are These Habits Triggering Your Fat Genes?

From eating the wrong foods to popping vitamins, these habits could be kicking your fat genes into high gear.

Have you ever wondered if fat is simply your fate? For many of us, particularly those who come from a long line of larger people, it can seem inevitable that we'll become bigger, get sicker, and die sooner. However, it's not necessarily just your genes that determine where you'll wind up, weight-wise.


In many families, you'll see a handful of overweight or obese members and then one relative who seems to have broken the mold. Don't attribute this to luck alone; their habits simply didn't trigger their fat genes. Fat genes don't have to determine your future if you don't let them; imagine them like a powder keg inside your body — they'll only explode if you put them together first. Find out if your habits could be lighting the fuse.