The 40 Best Foods to Eat During Your Period

Fight cramps, bloating, and fatigue with these tasty foods.
Sarah Crow

Cramps, bloating, and food cravings that feel like life-and-death situations are all part of the routine for some women. That’s right, we’re talking about that time of the month.

While the advertising industry might think that getting your period is such a non-issue that it makes you want to spin in a field full of marigolds, go mountain biking, or personally re-do the siding on your house, for many, that’s not exactly the case. Depending on a number of biological factors, medications you might be taking, or even your exercise level, periods can range from a minor inconvenience to an event that requires extra-strength ibuprofen and makes you eager to go into hibernation mode. 

Although there are some steps you can take to reduce the pain and discomfort you’re feeling at that time of the month — a hot water bottle, some extra time to relax, and the 40 Foods That Fight Belly Bloat can all help — you may need more care to feel 100 percent again. Staying active, keeping well-hydrated, giving yourself a little extra TLC, and making the 40 Best Foods to Eat During Your Period can make that time of the month a breeze.