The 40 Best and Worst Food Trends For Your Waistline

Don't let these food trends compromise your health.
Sarah Crow

While fashion trends seem to come and go with every passing month (remember the ill-fated return of neon?), staying abreast of the next big thing in the food business feels more like a game played second-by-second. Between the inventive minds of chefs, the availability of certain types of produce, and celebrity endorsements for various diets and dishes, staying on-trend in the food industry can mean diving head-first into deep-fried foods one second and advocating for the consumption of nothing but green juice the next.

Although it can be exciting to feel like you’re in on the latest must-eat trend, even if it means waiting for hours to try a glorified donut, when it comes to your health, not all fashionable food is not created equal. Many of the most popular food trends of the past decade, from drinks packing unfathomable amounts of sugar to salty preserved meats, are as likely to widen your waistline as they are to whet your appetite. 

Before digging into the newest designer dish, make sure it doesn’t make our list of the 20 Most Shockingly Sugary Breakfasts in America and find out if it’s earned a spot on the 40 Best and Worst Food Trends For Your Waistline!