6 Things That Happen When You Give Up Sugar

Improve your health and slim down faster than you ever thought possible by cutting out sugar now.
David Zinczenko, author, Zero Sugar Diet

Fourteen days.

That’s all it will take to change your body on Zero Sugar Diet. On my simple and science-based new plan for rapid fat burning, you’ll be giving up added sugars, and replacing the empty calories with essential ones—with no sacrifice. So, it’s no wonder that when I announced a test program for the new book, more than 1,100 people signed up in twenty-four hours. As soon as the word went out on social media, we began hearing from fans who were trying to control their sugar addictions but struggling each and every day. 

Our test panelists not only lived Zero Sugar Diet, but they documented—on a day-by-day basis—the remarkable changes that happened within their own bodies. Energy levels soared. Waistlines shrank. Blood pressure and cholesterol numbers plummeted. Muscles became toned and lean. 

Just look at Donna Scott. The fifty-two-year-old field technician from Las Cruces, New Mexico, thought weight loss was a slow, onerous task, one that involved hunger, sacrifice, and more discipline than any of us would want to muster. Yet on Zero Sugar Diet, Scott’s extra weight seemed simply to fall off of her—a remarkable 15 pounds gone in only fourteen days—because it was so easy. From a starting weight of 175 pounds, she is now a lean, mean 160. And it’s not just the amount of fat she lost, it’s the type of fat: dangerous, unsightly belly fat. “My waist has gone down in size, and I feel healthier!” she says, adding that she’ll stick with it.

When you reduce your sugar intake using Zero Sugar Diet, while slowing its impact on your body, a number of amazing things will happen, with shocking rapidity: