41 Foods That Fight Cellulite

Ditch that bumpy skin in no time with these delicious additions to your diet.
Sarah Crow

Dimples are just adorable when they’re on the chubby cheeks of a toddler, but when they start to appear on our bellies, thighs, and behinds, they’re an undeniably less welcome sight. Cellulite is thought to affect as much as 90 percent of the female population, as well as nearly 10 percent of men, opening the door for a billion-dollar industry built on the backs (and backsides) of individuals who can’t stand to put on a swimsuit knowing their lumps, bumps, and dimples might be seen by others.

While cellulite may have some genetic components, lifestyle also plays a major role in the appearance of our skin. Some research suggests that moving more, whether that means taking regular walks or incorporating the 42 Low Impact Exercises That Will Slim You Down into your routine, may reduce the appearance of cellulite and tone your muscles in the process. However, the prevailing opinion is that real change for those suffering from cellulite starts in the kitchen. As we age, we lose some elasticity in our skin and our stores of collagen deplete, making the subcutaneous fat that causes cellulite more noticeable. Fortunately, research suggests that certain foods — particularly those rich in omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin C — can help repair collagen and improve the firmness of skin over time, making that dimpled skin a thing of the past. 

If you’re ready to look and feel more confident, it’s time to add the 41 Foods That Fight Cellulite to your menu!