42 Foods Chronic Pain Sufferers Should Eat — Or Avoid

Reduce your pain in no time with these healthy foods.
Sarah Crow

With the exception of an extremely fortunate minority, we’ve all experienced aches and pains that don’t go away after a few ibuprofen or an afternoon nap. While the occasional migraine, sprained ankle, or bad bellyache can feel like it lasts forever, for most of us, the pain diminishes over time. Unfortunately, for those suffering from chronic pain, that’s not the case.

The National Institutes of Health estimate that 76.2 million individuals suffer from chronic pain in the United States alone, and that pain is a more common complaint than heart disease, diabetes, and cancer combined. While medication, physical therapy, and experimental treatments may be able to provide relief for some patients, many others continue to suffer on a daily basis.

The good news? Pain doesn’t have to keep you down for the count. Improving your circulation through exercise, losing weight, and making your joints healthier and less inflamed with the 40 Foods That Fight Arthritis are all steps in the right direction. And when you’re ready to get serious about making that pain a thing of the past, adding the 42 Foods Chronic Pain Sufferers Should Eat — Or Avoid to your diet can make all the difference.