25 Ways To Drink More Water

Don't let dehydration stunt your health and weight loss goals.
Lauren Gray

You already know that water is good for you, and that you should probably be drinking more of it. Staying hydrated throughout the day has a tremendous impact on your basic bodily functions and overall health, from improving your circulation and digestion to boosting your immune system and brain function. Simply put, drinking more water is one of the easiest paths toward achieving a healthier lifestyle.


But if that’s not reason enough to refill your glass, drinking enough water has also been proven to help you lose weight. It boosts your metabolism, acts as an appetite suppressant, helps clear your body of toxins, and‒contrary to what may seem like common sense‒helps you stop retaining water. If you find that staying hydrated can sometimes feel like a chore, read on for our 25 simplest tips for drinking more water throughout the day. And once the invigorating effects of staying hydrated start kicking in, keep those good vibes going with 15 Foods That Boost Your Mood!