40 Effortless Ways to Lose More Weight

Skip the stress and lose weight easily with these easy tricks.
Sarah Crow

Sacrifice. Deprivation. No pain, no gain. Why is that when we talk about losing weight, the words we use always make it sound like such a punishing endeavor? 

The fact is, slimming down can be great for overall quality of life, and it doesn’t have to be a constant battle against your body, either. You don’t have to hate the way you are today to love the health benefits you’ll reap tomorrow from getting rid of those unwanted pounds — researchers at UCLA have discovered that men and women who lost significant amounts of weight had improved mental health by the end of the study period, and a study conducted at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine suggests that average-weight men live an average of 13 years longer than their obese counterparts.

Fortunately, the way to get healthier starts with a single step in the right direction. Take the stairs. Make that coffee order just a little bit healthier by ditching the added sugar. Learn and practice the 42 Ways to Beat Your Junk Food Cravings. When you’re ready to make major changes, a baby step is all it takes, so start your path to a healthier body and mind today with the 40 Effortless Ways to Lose More Weight!