41 Foods That Reduce Your Melanoma Risk

Reduce your risk of skin cancer and improve your health with these delicious foods.
Sarah Crow

The sun can be an amazing tool for our health. It provides us bone-strengthening vitamin D, it can reduce symptoms of depression, and early morning sunshine has even been linked to weight loss and a lower overall BMI. 

Unfortunately, with the good comes the bad; exposure to the sun’s rays also increases your risk of melanoma, widely recognized as the deadliest type of skin cancer. 

According to the American Cancer Society, 87,111 new cases of melanoma will be diagnosed in the United States alone each year, and more than 10 percent of those affected will die from the disease. Despite a decrease in tanning bed usage and increased education about the risks of sun exposure, melanoma diagnoses continue to rise. Even individuals with darker coloring, who are less likely to be predisposed to melanoma are dying from the disease at alarming rates — a study by researchers from UC San Diego, UC San Francisco, Medical University Vienna, and the University of Turin reveals that African Americans are nearly 20 percent more likely to die from their melanoma over a 5-year period than Caucasian individuals, which some suggest to be the result of those cancers being diagnosed at a more advanced stage.

So how do you fight back? Start by making the 42 Best Foods For Better Skin staples on your menu, slather on the sunscreen, and add the 41 Foods That Reduce Your Melanoma Risk to your diet!