40 Foods That Stop Aging in Its Tracks

We can't stop the years from passing, but we don't have to look or feel our age. With the right foods on your menu, you can pave the road to a healthier life.
Sarah Crow

While many people say that getting to live a long life is a privilege, there are plenty of ways in which getting older is not always such a thrill ride. From achy joints when you wake up in the morning to those gray hairs that no amount of dye will cover, there are plenty of reasons to feel lukewarm about the aging process.

However, just because you’re blowing out more candles on your birthday cake doesn’t have to mean that you’re on a downhill trajectory, with only immobility, forgetfulness, and a house that’s inexplicably full of butterscotch candies to look forward to. With the right lifestyle changes, you can have plenty of great years to look forward to, with a sharper mind and healthier body in your future. Adding these 40 foods that stop the aging process can get you there in no time, and when you’re ready to make your whole body look and feel more youthful and vibrant, the 45 Foods That Fight Osteoporosis can make a major difference in your health and happiness, too.