40 Exciting Ways to Get More Active

The same boring workout day after day? No thanks! These fun changes to your routine will have you exercising more and enjoying it in no time.
Sarah Crow

Another day, another boring workout. Another endless walk on the same dusty treadmill at your gym, another re-run of Seinfeld watched from a creaky elliptical trainer; it’s almost enough to make you want to just stay home. 

In fact, many gym-goers choose to do that very thing every year; research suggests that up to 80 percent of people who sign up for a gym membership as part of their New Year’s resolution will quit within the first six months. While willpower waxes and wanes over time — we all have those post-vacation weeks where it’s hard to get back in the gym — making exercise a more exciting, invigorating, and novel experience can make it easier to maintain your commitment over time.

Research published in Neuron reveals that novel experiences, like a new workout plan or change of scenery, triggers the brain to keep seeking out pleasurable novelty. So, what does this mean in terms of your workouts? When you change up your routine and give yourself new incentives to exercise, you’ll fire up those neurons in the brain that want you to keep seeking out all that new fun, inspiring you to keep up the good work along the way. 

So, before you give up on your exercise plan for good, discover our 40 favorite ways to get more active this year and, if your regular routine isn’t working out for you, make the 40 Workouts You Can Do Without a Gym part of your plan!