20 Gluten-Free Alternatives to Your Favorite Foods

Swap in these gluten-free alternatives and enjoy a happier, healthier belly in no time.
Sarah Crow

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ve probably heard from a few (or a few dozen) people about their decision to go gluten-free. From celebrities to your next-door neighbor, it seems like everyone is ditching gluten these days in an effort to slim down and improve their health. While it’s estimated that only one percent of the population is actually suffering from celiac disease, researchers at NPD group, a firm that specializes in consumer surveys, report that as much as one third of respondents admitted to trying to cut gluten from their meal plan.

As concerns about non-celiac gluten sensitivity mount, more and more individuals are coming out of the woodwork to discuss how gluten affects them and get answers. For many people, symptoms like depression, anxiety, poor concentration, weight gain, and excess fat storage are largely disregarded by doctors, but seem to disappear when gluten’s taken off their menu. If you’re not sure if ditching your favorite carbs is right for you, discover the 40 Reasons You’ll Want to Go Gluten-Free. And if you’re eager to make your diet as delicious and filling as it was before, but without the unpleasant symptoms associated with your gluten intake, it’s time to enjoy the 20 Gluten-Free Alternatives to Your Favorite Foods!