40 Health and Fitness Goals to Hit By Age 40

Make this your healthiest year yet.
Sarah Crow

Getting healthier isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon, a series of choices that will provide you with the greatest reward of all: a longer life and reduced risk of chronic disease. While it can be hard to find time or motivation to tackle major fitness challenges or completely revamp your lifestyle, improving your health can be achieved one small step at a time.

Many people find that as they enter their 40s, the easy weight loss, energy, or body shape they enjoyed during their younger years are little more than a distant memory, replaced by a slower metabolism, excess weight around the middle, and a strong desire to hit the hay before 9 P.M. While the heart wants what it wants, there is something we can do to make sure we get as much happy and active time out of our lives as possible: start getting healthier now. Start making vegetables the centerpiece of all of your meals. Add the 40 Workouts You Can Do Without a Gym to your routine. Make time for mindfulness. Breathe.

When you’re ready to make the next four decades your best ones yet, it’s time to tackle the 40 Health and Fitness Goals to Hit By Age 40!