The 41 Best Foods For Healthy Hair

The healthy, lustrous locks you've always won't be found in a bottle of expensive shampoo or the chair at a salon where appointments are booked a year out. The strong, shiny hair of your dreams starts somewhere a lot closer to home: right inside your kitchen.
Sarah Crow

Sofia Vergara. Tracee Ellis Ross. Isla Fisher. Slash. No matter whose style you’d most like to emulate, a great head of hair always commands attention, whether it’s great volume, luster, or length that sparks your interest.

Unfortunately, for many of us, those shampoo commercial tresses we want are just out of reach. Conditions like dandruff, vitamin deficiencies, and psoriasis can all lead to a less-than-lovely set of locks, making it hard to find a style or cut that suits you, or, even worse, leaving your confidence in shambles only a huge hat budget can fix.  

For many, hair loss is a serious concern, and with good reason: research published in PLoS Genetics reveals that up to 80 percent of men will be balding by the time they hit 80 years old, and for many, a hairless head comes years earlier, with conditions from alopecia to hypothyroidism to standard issue baldness causing their hair to pack up and leave. While you can’t control your genetic makeup, you can make changes in your diet that will give you the strong, shiny hair you’ve always wanted, like by adding the 41 best foods for healthy hair to your menu. And when you’re ready to improve your whole-body health and appearance in one fell swoop, the 41 Foods Psoriasis Sufferers Need to Know can help relieve your symptoms fast.