43 Foods For a Hotter Sex Life

Spice things up in the bedroom by adding these tasty foods to your menu.
Sarah Crow

Sex is an enjoyable diversion and a great calorie-burner — so why are we having so little of it? Research published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior reveals that, on average, Americans are enjoying nine fewer nookie sessions each year than they did just two decades ago. That means nine missed opportunities to get in an enjoyable workout, nine times we lost out on some affection, and nine times we skipped one of nature’s best stress relievers.

So, why are we passing up on all these opportunities to get in a little bump and grind? Between grueling work schedules, stress, and social commitments, it can be surprisingly hard to find the time. What’s worse is that, for many of us, our health issues like high blood pressure, depression, and obesity can all take a toll on our love lives. The good news? There’s a simple solution. Adding the 43 foods for a hotter sex life to your menu can get you back in the saddle once again — and once you discover the 25 Ways Sex Makes You Healthier, you’ll be more eager than ever to get some nookie on the schedule.