How Many Calories Are in Your Favorite Cocktail?

Cocktails aren't calorie-free—find out if your favorites are standing between you and the body you want.

For many adults, drinking and celebration go hand-in-hand. Get a promotion? Go out for drinks. Getting married? Champagne for everyone! Getting out of work early for a summer Friday? Sangria time. And while the occasional glass of wine or cocktail at a party probably won't have you ballooning up a size, over time, those drinks we haven't been counting—those glasses of wine with dinner or oversized margaritas on a hot day—can really add up. 

In fact, research suggests that the average American adult gets a staggering 16 percent of their total calories from alcohol, potentially leading to not-insignificant weight gain over time.  Worried that your favorite cocktail might be contributing to your ever-widening waistline? You might just be right—we've rounded up the definitive list of how many calories you're really getting every time you sidle up to the bar. And when you want to sip your way to better health, start with these 40 Drinks That Fight Fat