42 Foods That Fight Anemia

Fight off fatigue and other troublesome symptoms by making these iron-rich foods a part of your regular diet.
Sarah Crow

It starts with fatigue. Maybe you notice a few peculiar bruises. But, over time, when those strange symptoms don't go away, it's time to head to a doctor. 

Anemia, a condition that occurs when your body has insufficient red blood cells to oxygenate your blood, affects a staggering 1.62 billion people worldwide, or nearly a quarter of the global population. Unfortunately, if left untreated, anemia's symptoms, from rapid heart rate to shortness of breath, can have a palpable effect on a person's life. The good news? While anemia's effects can take their toll, treating it is easier than you might imagine.

Start fighting back by adding these 42 foods that fight anemia to your menu today. And when you want to increase your intake of iron-rich foods, make sure you know these 25 Ways to Pick the Healthiest Meat!