42 Ways to Make Your New Year's Resolutions Stick

Kick off 2017 in your best health ever by making sticking to your resolutions a breeze!
Sarah Crow

With the overindulgence of the holiday season nearly behind us and a new year on the horizon, there’s no time like the present to start making healthy changes.

However, for most of us, setting lofty goals and making drastic changes doesn’t lead to success, but rather frustration, disappointment, and a return to previous unhealthy patterns within a few weeks. 

This year, set out to make your resolutions a reality by making small changes to your eating habits and fitness routine instead of shooting for the stars and getting discouraged when you miss. Start your day with a healthy breakfast. Get support from members of your inner circle. Take a walk instead of getting in the car when ever possible.

Over time, these seemingly insignificant changes will become just another part of your routine, as easy to remember as brushing your teeth or hopping in the shower. Start motivating yourself today by finding out the 40 Things You’ll Gain When You Lose Weight and discover the 42 Ways to Make Your New Years Resolutions Stick!