20 Ways Food Affects Your Feelings

Your food choices could be affecting more than just your weight.
Sarah Crow

If you’ve ever found yourself in a foul mood, only to find your day turning around after a snack, you’re not alone. Our feelings and our food choices are inextricably intertwined, and what may seem like your average bad mood could actually be your body telling you something’s amiss.

For many people, getting enough to eat is the bulk of the battle at any given meal, enjoying what you eat takes second place, and eating the right combination of nutrients falls somewhere further down that list. Unfortunately, over time, this can set you up for serious nutritional deficiencies that have a profound effect on both your mood and ability to perform the tasks expected of you.

While it may seem like a foregone conclusion that your hangry self will resurface, wreaking havoc on your life, there’s an easy way to stop it. Add the 15 Foods That Boost Your Mood to your menu, make sure you’re listening to your body, and discover the 20 Ways Your Food Affects Your Feelings!