The 40 Worst Fast Food Meals Ever

Think your favorite fast food meal is a bargain? Think again.
Sarah Crow

Whether you find yourself famished after a long day of driving or just didn’t find time to make your own meal before hitting the office, there are plenty of reasons we turn to fast food to fill our hungry bellies, even when we know we’re doing damage to our health. Unfortunately, with many fast food eateries proudly proclaiming the so-called “healthy” options on their menus, many of us get duped into believing that our order isn’t as bad for us as we think.

Sadly, those greasy burgers, oversized breakfasts, and sugary coffees are not only as bad for you as you might imagine, many of them are worse. Loaded with saturated fat, sodium, sugar, and huge numbers of calories, these meals may save you time and money, but at the cost of your health, potentially shaving years off your life. It's time to start making smarter choices and take those mega-caloric meals off the menu. Start with a small change today by ditching the 40 Worst Condiments For Your Waistline and make major steps toward a healthier life by giving the 40 Worst Fast Food Meals the boot!