25 Foods With Surprising Health Benefits

You may be shocked to learn what your food can do for you.
Lauren Gray

There are some foods with health benefits that come as no surprise: we may never hear the end of people extolling the virtues of kale, açai, salmon, and wheatgrass, for example. But some foods fly under even the seasoned health nut’s radar, with benefits that are less glaringly obvious, but equally impressive. Whether they help stave off disease, fight cancer development, or combat obesity despite an unhealthy reputation, these 25 items may change the way you think of food‒and the way you plan your menu.

Imagine a world where you can eat pancakes, potatoes, burgers, burrito bowls, and more without worrying about what havoc they may be wreaking on your body. These 25 Foods With Surprising Health Benefits will shake up your idea of nutritional right and wrong, and empower you to enjoy a range of foods that may have wound up on your nutritional no-fly list.

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