45 Foods That Fight Osteoporosis

Reduce your risk of fracture and build healthy bones today with these delicious calcium-rich foods.
Sarah Crow

From recent advances in medicine to the ever-widening availability of healthy food, it's never been easier to live a longer, healthier life. And fortunately, with increased awareness about the lifestyle choices that contribute to chronic disease, the median global life expectancy is higher than ever—71.4 years, according to the WHO

However, while smoking rates continue to decrease and the dangers of high-sugar and preservative-packed diets are being better understood—and more easily avoided—by the day, we’re not always doing all we can to keep ourselves healthy and active into our golden years, especially when it comes to our bones. 

The number of adults suffering from osteoporosis has grown to a dizzying high in recent years, with an osteoporosis-related fracture occurring every three seconds worldwide, adding up to a total of nearly 9 million fractures each year, according to the International Osteoporosis Foundation. In fact, research suggests that osteoporosis-related fractures are among the biggest contributors to lengthy hospital stays, even beating out diseases like breast cancer and diabetes. 

Even more surprising to many, bone loss isn’t limited to the elderly; according to the NIH, as much as five percent of a woman’s bone mass can be lost during breastfeeding, as well. 

So, what’s the solution to our bone health conundrum? Start getting stronger today by adding these 45 foods that fight osteoporosis to your regular routine. And when you want to get fitter and reduce your risk of a fall, schedule some time in your gym routine for these 42 Low-Impact Exercises That Will Slim You Down