40 Sneaky Sugars Hiding in Your Food

Are these sneaky sugars slowing your weight loss efforts?
Sarah Crow

With new research confirming that fat can be a healthy part of a weight loss-friendly diet, health-conscious individuals have found a new foe on their plates: sugar.

The stuff may be sweet, but when it comes to our waistlines and health, it’s anything but. Sugar can cause massive increases in body weight, as well as putting its consumers at risk for diabetes, heart disease, tooth decay, gout, high cholesterol, and early death. Despite the near-constant warnings about sugar and our health, most of us show no signs of slowing our consumption down. 

On a daily basis, adult men consume an average of 335 calories (about one sixth of their daily caloric requirement), in added sugar, and women average around 239 calories of the sweet stuff. That might not seem like an out of control number at first, but over the course of the year, that means we’re consuming approximately 130 pounds of added sugar apiece. It’s not just sugary treats that are contributing to our widening waistlines — the stuff is hiding everywhere, from sauces to bread to your favorite drink. The scariest part? It’s being disguised a million different ways on the label to make you think your meal is healthier than it actually is.

Before you take another bite, discover the 40 Reasons to Ditch Refined Sugar and start using your detective skills to find — and eliminate — the 40 Sneaky Sugars Hiding in Your Food!