20 Foods You Should Always Keep in Your Pantry

Keep your pantry stocked with these filling and flavorful foods and watch your belly disappear.
Sarah Crow

For many of us are already juggling work, family, and a social life, finding time to hit the supermarket can feel like a nearly impossible feat. Half the time, we're already so famished by the time we get to the store that we have to physically restrain ourselves from flying down the cookie aisle and shoving everything into our cart like crazed Supermarket Sweep contestants. The other half of the time, we're so pressed for time we forget to buy half of the things on our list, making it nearly impossible to plan out healthy meals.

The good news? You don't need a personal assistant on the payroll to make it easy to prepare the healthy, flavorful dishes you love. By keeping your kitchen stocked with these pantry staples, you can keep making your health a priority even when your fridge is virtually bare and those takeout menus start calling your name. And when you want to improve your diet from top to bottom, make sure to check out these 42 Cancer Fighting Foods You Already Have in Your Kitchen