20 Fitness Secrets From a Personal Trainer

Set yourself up for lifelong fitness with these easy tips.
Sarah Crow

Even if it feels like you're practically living at the gym, many people are simply overestimating just how often and how hard they're hitting the heavy weights. According to the CDC, just 23 percent of American adults actually get the recommended amount of daily exercise, and researchers at York University have found that, even among those breaking a sweat on a regular basis, most aren't actually working out as hard as they'd imagined.

The good news? Enlisting the help of a personal trainer can have you hitting your fitness goals in no time; in fact, research conducted at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine reveals that personal training sessions significantly increased overweight exercisers' adherence to fitness routines. 

So, what do these fitness professionals know that your average gym-goer doesn't? Certified personal trainer Keith Laug, owner of Zoned Fitness in Beacon, NY and creator of the Daily Home Boot Camp program, separates fact from fiction about how to make health and fitness a priority in your life. And when you're ready to slim down fast, try out these 40 Easy Exercises That Burn a Pound a Week!